Saturday, January 1, 2011

I've been thinking about the monthly themes I'll use for 2011, and decided to model them after Ellen Welty's article 12 Questions that Will Change Your Life.  The piece itself is a little too self-help-y for my tastes, but its overall message of reflection and life-planning seems appropriate to me right now.  So here, month by month, are my topics for 2011:

January - Try something new; step out of your comfort zone.
February - Nurture yourself.
March - Remember those who mentored you (from kindergarten on up) and make them proud.
April - March to the beat of your own drummer.
May - Spend your time - and money - on things that speak to your soul.
June - Accept imperfections - yours and everyone else's.
July - If it isn't working - stop trying to fix it; just let it go.
August - Focus on what you're good at.
September - Live the life you want.
October - Age is just a number; you're as young as you feel.
November - Reorganize your life, so that your life goals are on top.
December - Find faith in something bigger than you.

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